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Learn more about the interior design services we provide to our clients, step-by-step.
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Every client is different. It is part of what makes this job so exciting! Each new project brings a new set of challenges and creative decisions dictated by the wants and needs of the client. Using expert interior design knowledge and years of experience, we are able to provide options and design renderings to bring your dreams to life in your own home. Your personal style is brought into every aspect of your interior design.

Our Long Island interior design studio offers all of the services you will need to beautify your home, whether you are working with a big budget or not. We can utilize what you have to create something beautiful.


Marlaina and her team are known around New York for their experience and taste. Part of what makes any team effective is the process and services offered.

Here are some of the interior design services offered by Marlaina Teich Designs.

interior design consultation meeting


Come into the interior design studio and talk to us. It’s the best way to get your design project started. Setting up an appointment for a consultation with Marlaina will help you bring your ideas together and see the quality of our work.

We can go through some of the projects we have completed that are close to what you are looking for in your own space. Our book of business makes it easy to pick and choose some of the things you like or work with us to come up with something brand new and original.

Bring your inspirations and reference with you. We can discuss things like furniture, fabric choices, and home decor that will fit your unique style and “look.”


Do you ever feel like you need to SEE your interior design in order to know if you like it? We cater to our visually inclined clientele with a custom vision board. It pairs together images to help visualize the look of our interior design. This way you can approve of the design before we get down to the hard work.

An interior design vision board is kind of like a brainstorm. We throw ideas around with you, talk about what you like, and finalize a project plan based on your choices and our expertise.

The mood board is the first step of the creative process. We discuss fabric choices, furniture, templates, styles, appliances, and more. Everything you’ll need to visualize your new space is set up for you to view all in one place.

We prepare digital mood boards and let you take them home with you, too!


Regardless of whether or not you have an existing floorplan for us to work with, we have staff who can create what we need to work with at the studio.

Our digital design staff can create a custom floor plan for you based on your own space. We can personalize it customize the layout without having to move anything around! We can confirm all of your measurements. Furniture, walls, and everything else can be moved around as needed to provide you with a concept of what you want your space to look like.

If you want to get into it, we can even talk about the lighting in the room and the traffic patterns of you and your guests to optimize the space for feeling the most spacious. It can make a big difference to design around the way you live, rather than live around your design!

We specailize in:

  • Custom Drapery & Upholstery
  • Detailed Finish Schedules
  • Fine Art Advisory
  • New Home Construction & Remodeling
  • Home Staging
  • Installation
  • Selections
    • Fabric
    • Furnishings
    • Fixtures
  • Procurement
  • Space Planning

Contact me with any questions or inquiries about your next project.


"We absolutely loved working with Marlaina. She took all of my ideas and made them better. She knew when she could take me out of my comfort zone to choose pieces that I may never have considered - and now they are my favorite pieces! She is a complete professional and the process was smooth - and FUN! - from start to finish."


"Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how happy and pleased I am with my new home!  I was entertaining family for the first time in my new home and they were totally taken back about how breathtaking everything looked!  You really did an amazing job and wanted to thank you for making my house a home for my daughter & I.  Each time I go into a room, I enjoy each piece we selected and it really makes me feel good, so I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how amazing other people are saying the house looks!!  Looking forward to the master bedroom."


"We were a part of the process throughout the project and our voice was always heard."

L.V. & R.F.

"Marlaina's ability to pick up on our thoughts and concerns and offer constructive advice and solutions while the project was in progress made everything go smoothly."


"Working full time and undertaking any home improvement project can be stressful, but with Marlaina everything ran smoothly"

J & D.B.

"We would highly recommend Marlaina Teich Designs to anyone!"


"Marlaina is nimble, patient and offered suggestions based on my taste and lifestyle."


"Marlaina’s personality, expertise, and professionalism gave us complete confidence in the outcome. And the outcome was perfect."


"You have an amazing eye for being able to put our dreams onto paper, then onto demo boards, and then into reality. You helped us in dealing with the contractors, and solved problems as they arose, even before reaching our attention."


"Marlaina has an incredible ability to turn an ordinary living space into what you envision it to be... even if you aren't really sure what your vision for that space is."


"There were always many choices to choose from and never a hesitation or resistance to make changes as needed."

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