Marlaina Teich Designs Named Top 10 Long Island Interior Designers by Décor Mag

Thank you to Décor Mag, who rated us in the top 10 of all Long Island Interior Designers! Being named a top-10 Long Island interior designer by a publication as well known as Décor Mag is an honor and a privilege. We are bringing ranking among some of the best Long Island interior designers, many of whom we know and love.

Here is a snippet from the article outlining our studio.

best long island interior designers article snippet

Not too bad, huh?!

Décor Mag is a magazine dedicated to creating content on interior design. The content they publish takes the form of anything from styles and trends to inspirations for designers, guides, and more. Because of their reputation, they often dominate interior design-related google searches and content on the web otherwise.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts to Décor Aid, Décor Mag, and all of the great interior designers listed alongside us on this list!

You can check out the full article here.