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We’re on the job

Marlaina Teich Designs has been busy working with George and the entire George to the Rescue team these past few months working on a very special project…

Anastasia Pagonis is a 15 year old, Paralympic swimmer who has recently lost her eyesight completely. Her bedroom and bathroom are two places that she retreats to when looking for comfort, however, light sensitivity issues created hazardous conditions that were out of the family’s control.

That’s where we came in!

Marlaina and the team were all hands on deck, ready to design a safe and refreshing bathroom as well as a glamorous bedroom for Tas to relax in. A safe haven…

But that’s not it!

We also surprised Tas with her own indoor, endless pool to help her train on her journey to Tokyo 2020.

The bedroom

For the bedroom, we took inspiration from the rose quartz crystal- and its healing properties. The blush tones of the rose quartz were carried throughout the space to create a serene, yet glamorous space.

Lighting design for light sensitivity

Light control was a major concern while designing this space. Layers of blackout features were applied to the windows in order to block out as much natural light as possible. Beginning with a film over the window glass, black out shades and curtains were then layered on top.

The crown molding in the bedroom was dropped down to create cover lighting with a dimmable feature in order to create soft lighting when necessary.

Tactile experience

The ability for Tas to have an environment that she can experience primarily with touch was another goal of the project. Multiple moments of different textured experiences were incorporated into the space.

Some examples of sensory touch interior design ideas:

  • A shaggy carpet for Tas to walk on
  • A velvet headboard and foot board for the bed
  • Lacquered surfaces, wallpaper, and pillows with fun touch fabrics

The bathroom

For the bathroom, we wanted to keep it clean and fresh, like always.  Blue was our primary color palette, alluding to the refreshing qualities of the water, which Tas loves.

Tactile experience

A textured vinyl wall covering was applied as an accent wall to contrast against the surrounding tile surfaces.


In order to create a safe space for Tas to relax, we installed smart technology from Moen to assist in turning on the shower and sink controls as well as to moderate the temperature. Also, a new bathtub was installed that was a safe and accessible height to move in and out of.

The garage

A pool in the garage? Yes, please! We transformed the Pagonis’ Garage into Tas’s own personal training space!

The experience

The inclusion of an endless pool gives Tas the ability to train at home for her goal to get to the 2020 Paralympics in Tokyo! Custom cabinetry was installed for storage and a  Mateflex modular flooring system was put in place to provide a unique texture, comfort, and safety.

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