Color Tips and Trends - Interior Designer Q&A ft. Marlaina Teich

Color Q&A with Marlaina Teich.

Bring a fresh pop of color and use what’s in style by following these super-quick interior designer tips and tricks you can apply to any room or home.

What colors are trendy this season, and which ones can be used to decorate the home?

Yellow is trendy this season, paired with gray and touches of hot pink or black for a pop of color.

You can try colors like Benjamin Moore Sultan Yellow 2155-50 and Benjamin Moore Royal Fuchsia 2078-30.

Gray is everywhere this year, serving as the backdrop for pops of color, as is its scheme, using different shades and textures. Try BM Shadow Gray 2125-40, BM Gray Shower 2125-30, and BM Sweet Innocense 2125-50.

What decorations have a lot of colors and can be used to accessorize furniture?

Pillows and throw blankets are great ways to add a splash of color without making a huge investment. Adding plants to your scheme is another way to inexpensively and naturally add color and dimension to a space. Area rugs can also add another layer of color and texture to a space. Lamps with funky shades can bring in a dash of color as well.

What other kinds of eye-catching accessories are there?

TRY decorative porcelain vases. Layer three robins egg blue vases of varying heights on a sideboard or deep window ledge. You can also bring in color with metal finishes. Add Mercury candlesticks, and you are adding gray to your scheme. Lean a gold, antiqued finish mirror against a wall, and you are bringing in yellows.

What combination of colors would you recommend for a harmonious environment?

When paired together, any colors that occur in nature will create a harmonious scheme. The rich green of the grass, the earthy brown tones of the tree bark, the yellow sunflowers. Or the blue of the ocean, the sandy pink beach, and the gliding white and gray seagulls. Take your cues from nature, and you cannot go wrong.

Tell me about the importance of color in the home.

Color affects how we feel about a space. Some colors create a soothing, calm atmosphere, while others inspire energy and activity. A harried mom may need relaxing hues surrounding her to bring her back from the edge. A creative type may crave a riot of colors in his space to inspire him.

What colors are recommended for a clean look (quiet, peaceful)? Why?

Blues and greens are very restful. Blues in particular, is known to lower our heart rates. They are perfect in bedrooms. TRY Sherwin Williams Meditative SW 6227, Sleepy Blue SW 6225, and Refuge SW 6228.

What colors are recommended for a bold look? Why?

Strong, saturated colors are great for a bold look. They inspire energy in a space. TRY Sherman Williams Enticing Red SW 6600, Gambrol Gold SW 6690, Tigereye SW 6362, and Umber SW 6146

What colors are recommended for a classic look? Why?

Warm neutrals are a classic scheme. People do not usually have strong preconceptions about the neutral beige and earth tones that make up a traditional scheme. They are not offensive and are perfect for living rooms where a lot of entertaining is usually held. Warm neutrals also inspire calm. TRY BM Barely Beige 1066, BM Indian River 985, and BM Olive Branch 2143-30.

What are a few recommendations for choosing the right color to decorate a room?

Think about how you plan to use the room. What activities will take place in that room? Is it a room that you want to have a clean, uncluttered feel? Go with the neutral. Is it a room where there will be a lot of conversation and entertaining? Vibrant color schemes encourage activity and liveliness. Is it a personal space? Choose your favorite color and go with it.

Can you give 15 tips to get a room with plenty of colors?

  • Art work-choose fun, inspiring pieces with your desired colors.
  • Area rugs or wall-to-wall carpeting
  • drapery panels
  • Tons of pillows accent the sofa, or throw pillows for watching TV on the floor
  • plants, plants, plants
  • painted walls
  • picture frames
  • lacquer trays for holding mail or paper work
  • a painted porcelain bowl for keeping the car keys
  • wicker baskets for storing magazines or extra shoes
  • pretty place mats
  • floral centerpiece
  • bowl of fresh fruit
  • see-through jars of wrapped candy
  • candles and candlesticks