Month: November 2019

November 22, 2019
Home Renovation for Blind Teenage Swimmer: George to the Rescue

George to the Rescue feat. Molly Burke We’re on the job Marlaina Teich Designs has been busy working with George and the entire George to the Rescue team these past few months working on a very special project… Anastasia Pagonis is a 15-year-old, Paralympic swimmer who has recently lost her eyesight completely. Her bedroom and bathroom are two […]

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November 8, 2019
George To The Rescue: Surprising A Newly Blind Subscriber (w Molly Burke)

Amazing!!! Our @george2rescue of @pagonisfamily @anastasia_k_p was the most amazing experience for all of us involved!! @mollyburkeofficial is an incredible person, and YouTube ⭐️!!! She was an inspiration to @anastasia_k_p when Tas lost her sight and fell into a deep depression. Molly’s videos helped Tas realize that she can still go out there and Rock the world!! Check out Molly’s […]

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