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About Marlaina Teich

From traditional homes to modern glam, Marlaina Teich is one of Long Island’s top award-winning interior designers. By pairing with Julie Dasher Rugs, Marlaina Teich has also expanded to present the Marlaina Teich Collection, which features custom-designed rug patterns. Marlaina Teich’s designs have been featured on primetime and cable television networks, including NBC, Fox, and The CW. The firm’s designs have also been featured in a number of editorial publications, including Traditional Home, California Homes, Renovation Style, Long Island Pulse, House Beautiful, and Better Homes & Gardens.

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“We absolutely loved working with Marlaina. She took all of my ideas and made them better. She knew when she could take me out of my comfort zone to choose pieces that I may never have considered – and now they are my favorite pieces! She is a complete professional and the process was smooth – and FUN! – from start to finish.”


“Just wanted to drop a note to let you know how happy and pleased I am with my new home!  I was entertaining family for the first time in my new home and they were totally taken back about how breathtaking everything looked!  You really did an amazing job and wanted to thank you for making my house a home for my daughter & I.  Each time I go into a room, I enjoy each piece we selected and it really makes me feel good, so I wanted to take this opportunity to let you know how amazing other people are saying the house looks!!  Looking forward to the master bedroom.”


“We were a part of the process throughout the project and our voice was always heard.”

L.V. & R.F.

“Marlaina’s ability to pick up on our thoughts and concerns and offer constructive advice and solutions while the project was in progress made everything go smoothly.”


“Working full time and undertaking any home improvement project can be stressful, but with Marlaina everything ran smoothly”

J & D.B.

“We would highly recommend Marlaina Teich Designs to anyone!”


“Marlaina is nimble, patient and offered suggestions based on my taste and lifestyle.”


“Marlaina’s personality, expertise, and professionalism gave us complete confidence in the outcome. And the outcome was perfect.”


“You have an amazing eye for being able to put our dreams onto paper, then onto demo boards, and then into reality. You helped us in dealing with the contractors, and solved problems as they arose, even before reaching our attention.”


“Marlaina has an incredible ability to turn an ordinary living space into what you envision it to be… even if you aren’t really sure what your vision for that space is.”


“There were always many choices to choose from and never a hesitation or resistance to make changes as needed.”


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