Designing a waterfront Long Island sunroom perfect for cozying up at sunset

A Waterfront Long Island Sunroom for Cozying Up at Sunset

If you’re lucky enough to live on the water – you’re lucky enough! These clients had a beautiful waterfront Long Island home and wanted to maximize every inch of it. Marlaina Teich Designs got to work: we  added a range of seating options, finishes, and special touches to make sure the clients had the perfect sunroom to enjoy at sunrise, sunset, and every moment in between.

Designing the perfect waterfront sunroom with Marlaina Teich

A waterfront sunroom is an amazing addition to any home that few are ever able to take advantage of, especially living in the urban jungle of New York City. The sunroom is a feature you more commonly see in homes out on Long Island, where there is plenty of sun and plenty of water to go around.

Creating the perfect room is a task that anyone can accomplish with the right know-how. Let us break down for you how we were able to create the perfect, natural, cozy vibe in this waterfront sunroom located on Long Island, NY.

Once you understand our decisions and why we made them, you will be able to recreate a look that is beautifully unique to you and looks good to everyone else, too!

Maximizing natural light is key in a room with a lot of glass

With a room like this, you obviously want to enjoy your view. That is the main allure of this kind of space. There is no feeling like waking up on a Sunday morning and curling up with a book, drowned in sunlight.

We kept the windows bare. That’s right,… an interior designer didn’t add window treatments! Even simple shades would block too much of the windows, the natural light, and the view. With such fantastic sunshine pouring in and the privacy already accorded by a home facing the water, we let the view do its work.

In the world of fonts and design, we would call this a sans-draperies or shades look. This way you can really wow guests with your vernacular at your next dinner party.

The thick window casings were more than enough to dress the windows of this space.

We utilized a neutral color palette that could be drowned in light

Again, the view is the showstopper here. We didn’t want to distract with bright wall colors or wallpaper.

We opted for a simple cream wall color with gleaming white ceilings. The higher gloss finish on the ceiling helps reflect the natural light. The sectional is generously sized, but its neutral linen color prevents it from being overbearing.

Neutral doesn’t have to just mean whites and creams – we added a few blue touches of blue in the pillow and side chair for some visual interest. Adding a nice pop of color brings vibrancy and excitement to an otherwise neutral design template.

…but added a little bit of interest!

We love this fun accent wall of printed wallpaper. Don’t be afraid to use wallpaper in your home! By no means is the look “played out.” You don’t need to wrap the whole room in it – even a simple accent wall can make a big impact.

This wallpaper is reminiscent of an old-fashioned toile but has a nautical scene instead of the traditional French country or Chinoiserie scenes usually seen on toiles.

Adding a touch of contemporary

 The glass topped table is less heavy than a wooden-topped one would be. Paired with a decorative metallic basket, it adds a touch of contemporary style to the space.

Mix Up Those Textures: This room has a plethora of textures that blend perfectly together. All wood and linen would be boring and homogenous, but when layering textures, you need to make sure they’re cohesive. This room has a textured rug, woven wooden arm chair, suede side chairs, a glass-topped table, and wooden accents. By adding a mix of textures and finishes, we made it neutral but never boring.

We Provided Multiple Seating Options: That glass-topped table is so versatile! The clients can use it for so many different occasions: coffee during the sunrise, board games with the kids, reading the paper or even just enjoying the view at sunset. For a room like this that will get a lot of use, it’s important to give the clients different ways to use it.

It’s important to hire a designer that will maximize the space to its full potential. At Long Island interior designer Marlaina Teich Designs, we’re experts at turning a blank space with an incredible view into the perfect room to suit the needs of your family. Whether your home is the Hamptons or overlooking Long Island Sound on the Gold Coast, Marlaina Teich Designs is one of Long Island’s top interior design firms. Contact us today to begin designing your dream space!

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Marlaina Teich is able to transform a nice space with a good view into a stunning space, drowned in sunlight. We break down how we went about designing the perfect Long Island waterfront sunroom.

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