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3 Easy Ways to Finish Your Master Bedroom Like an Interior Designer

Three Things Every Master Bedroom Should Have

Your bedroom should be your escape from the world: a place to get away, to relax, and to rejuvenate. Of course you need a comfortable bed where you can get your sleep, soft sheets, and perfect pillows. As an interior designer, it’s my job to add the other things you need – maybe not the most obvious items, but the ones that really make a difference when you’re enjoying your peaceful retreat.


Trust me, you don’t just want one type of lighting in your bedroom. You need different layers for different purposes.

— Table lamps or wall sconces near the bed are a must – on separate switches so your husband can snooze while you finish the newest bestseller.

— A pretty chandelier adds an element of glamour to your bedroom. Keep it on a separate switch from your other overhead lights, so that you can enjoy its twinkling light.

— Overhead lights on dimmers. Brighten them all the way up when you’re trying to find the stiletto you lost under the bed, keep them dim in the evenings when you’re getting ready.

— You can’t go wrong with sconces above the fireplace, if you’re lucky enough to have one in your bedroom.

A professional interior designer can help you create a lighting plan and choose light fixtures that complement each other.


Depending on the size of your master bedroom, you definitely need secondary seating.

A bench at the foot of the bed is perfect for perching on to fix your shoes, especially if your bed is up high. No one wants to jump up on the bed to fasten their Jimmy Choo t-straps!

I also love a bench because of its versatility. I get to design a custom one perfect for you: tufted, skirted, scroll arms, whatever I can dream up. It’s also fun to customize the fabric and trim – I can do a brighter, bolder print to add a little excitement to the room.

If you have enough space, an armchair and ottoman is also lovely to include. You can curl up on it to read or to nap. Your kids can hang there while you do your makeup. It’s the perfect place to cozy up on a cold winter’s night!


This is a small yet important detail. Throw blankets are perfect to add texture to your bedspread, armchair, or bench. They keep you warm when you need a little extra heat in the winter, or want to just lay back with a book. They come in endless colors and textures, from luxe faux fur to simple chunky knits. They also can fit into any budget. Whether draped across the foot of your bed or casually thrown across your reading chair, you can’t go wrong with a good throw blanket.


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