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Three On-Trend Furniture Styles That’ll Make You Want to Redecorate

Three On-Trend Furniture Styles That’ll Make You Want to Redecorate

Today I’m sharing three on-trend furniture styles that’ll have you saying, “Honey, I think I’m ready to redecorate the house.” These styles might be on-trend, but they’re definitely not “trendy” – meaning, they won’t go out of style next season.


This isn’t your grandma’s neoclassical. Neoclassical interiors usually have ornate moldings and intricate furniture details. Today’s neoclassicism is all about blending the classic with the modern. Let’s use a dining room for an example. If a client wanted an updated neoclassical look, I’d start with fresh, white, beautiful moldings on the walls – think a Parisian apartment. I’d then choose a classic style for the dining chairs: a Louis XVI, or something with an oval back, or maybe a sturdy fauteuil for the end chairs.

Neoclassical furniture usually has carved wooden details, especially on the legs and arms. There are many wood finishes you can choose, and it also depends on your choice of fabric. For an updated neoclassical look, I like to take the traditional chair shape and add a modern fabric in a bold print.

Scroll down to see a great illustration of Neoclassical furniture elements!

neoclassical furniture

New Trad:

New Traditional is just what it sounds like: updating the old, without losing the history. It’s using your grandmother’s antique side table and topping it with a chic modern lamp. It’s taking interesting finds from estate sales and mixing them in with newer, more updated pieces. New Traditional is about the art of the mix.

For example, a Chippendale antique cabinet is big,  dark, and  ornate. However, paired with an Eames side chair  and contemporary decor, it comes across as sophisticated, not stuffy. 

Another example would be a dining room. A large shaker style table and antique chairs might seem old fashioned in another setting, but add a Sputnik-style chandelier, bright white walls, and simple window treatments to keep it fresh.

Your bedroom is another example. The furniture is clearly quite traditional, but the ceramic lamp and unique mirror bring a touch of modernity.

Scroll down to see examples of these rooms!

neoclassical furniture

Urban Grit:

One of the coolest on-trend themes is the urban industrial look. Think polished concrete floors, exposed bricks, and cool Soho lofts.

An urban industrial kitchen pairs a reclaimed wood island with metal counter stools, minimal open shelving, and unique pendants.

If a client wanted this style in their home, I’d start with the “bones” – no floral wallpaper or wainscotting allowed! I’d choose furniture that mixed rustic wood with metal, like this unique bookshelf. This style allows for really unique side chairs and tables, which are fun to source at estate sales. I’d add in minimalist metal pendants, and a rug to warm up the polished concrete or hardwood floors. I’d have a lot of fun sourcing great contemporary art for the walls, too! Scroll down for some examples of urban industrial style. 

If you’re inspired by these on-trend styles and are ready to start decorating, email us today!

urban grit

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