Table Setting Ideas for your Thanksgiving Feast!

Need idea’s for your Thanksgiving table? Not sure what you have that could make a nice centerpiece? Don’t stess you came to the right place!! I have selected some images and tips that will help anyone create a lovely table that is both festive and affordable.
Use clear glass for tableware to keep it
visually clean and select one type of flower preferably a large bloom that takes up space so you only need to purchase a few.

Use a neutral palette in similar tones to keep
the tabletop simple. Here pumpkins painted cream and pillar candles running down the center of the table is a nice centerpiece that is easy and inexpensive.
Make your own centerpiece from items found in
nature to save money and these can be tossed after the season to reduce unnecessary clutter.
Try using other materials instead of table
linens to line your serving area for a new look.  Brown paper is an unexpected by easy option that can serve as protection but can also be written on
and then thrown away after the meal.
Using colored chargers matching the table décor
can tie the table setting together and is a great frame for plain dinner plates.
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