The Interview

During the initial meeting Marlaina will begin to formulate an idea of what you are looking for. The meeting is the beginning steps of the project and provides the chance for the designer and client to get to know each other.


Like any great project, research and ideas are needed. Marlaina and her team will begin to research what fits your vision.


The initial color schemes and style will add into the mix of the project and used as stepping stones to the presentation.


After much discussion and research, Marlaina will present a spatial concept that will fit your interest, as well.

Final Presentation

Once you feel comfortable moving forward with a concept, the final presentation will occur. Within this presentation all desired changes and specifications will be incorporated.


All the selections and orders will be finalized. The builder and any vendors needed will step in at this time to create a plan of action alongside Marlaina.

Design and Installation

The final stage is to put your vision together! At this time, the builder and vendors install furnishings, fabrics and décor with Marlaina.

Let's make your dream home a reality! Contact me with any questions or inquiries about your next project!