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A fresh Hamptons kitchen design perfect for summer entertaining

A fresh Hamptons kitchen design perfect for summer entertaining

Is your kitchen the heart of your home? You are not alone. For most people, the kitchen is not only a place to cook. It is also a space to entertain and just hang out with family and friends (while being close to all the food!).

When starting a kitchen design project, dynamic seating options are always a plus, The kids can sit at the table, the ladies can perch on the island bar stools, and the husbands can stand outside by the grill, as they like to do. You can never get creative enough with the way you implement the seating in your kitchen. The sky is the limit.

When we designed this Hamptons kitchen for the Traditional Home Hamptons Showhouse, we wanted to make it the ideal space for summer parties. This design features ample seating, a large island, and plenty of open glass for natural light. It’s a perfect space for warm summer night parties.

Marlaina’s 6 tips for amazing summer entertaining:

Elevate the little things

Plain old plastic water bottles are so played out. Use a pretty water pitcher and add fresh fruit to it. The result is so much prettier than those regular water bottles, not to mention delicious!

Skip the plastic jug of lemonade and get sparkling lemonade in an elegant glass bottle from Trader Joe’s. It’s the little things that often go the longest way and stick with people long after the party has finished. Soon, you’ll see all of your friends doing it, too!

Fresh flowers add an elegant, earthy charm

Cut some stems from your garden. Even just a vase of simple white hydrangeas, like we used in this Hamptons kitchen. Fresh flowers add so much to your decor, are super inexpensive, and super easy.

Quick tip: Keeping them in the fridge overnight will keep them fresh!

Break out those fancy dishes

Even if you’re just having a “burgers and beers” BBQ, pull out the table linens, nice dishes, and napkin rings. They are a little extra effort, but add a nice touch and make your guests feel special. This fun place setting that we used in a Hamptons interior design showhouse is perfect for any occasion.

You don’t have that beautiful glassware just for it to sit in your china cabinet! Pull it out on casual occasions, and it will elevate the entire affair.

Optimize your outdoor space

Think of your patio or deck as an outdoor living room. On nice evenings, your guests will feel welcome in a gorgeous seating area for cocktail hour. Try adding a coffee table and side tables like you would in your living room. It sounds a bit unusual, but you will be surprised how great it looks!

Keep the bugs away

Sometimes mosquitoes are a problem even in the best-kept backyards. Citronella candles come in all sorts of shapes and containers now, so you can have a sophisticated option that fits your beautiful table and keeps the bugs away.

Fire pits usually keep the bugs away, too – there are many attractive ones on the market now.

Remember to have a little fun, too

Don’t get stressed out and feel that you need to handcraft each hors-d’oeuvre. These are just a few fun ways that you can spice up a summer party.

Put a regular bag of chips in a beautiful ceramic bowl – it looks pretty, but it’s easy and you’re spending time with your guests, not hovering over the stove. Spending time with the people you love is by far the most important reason for any party.

Have questions? We can help.

Our many years of design experience helps us customize each entertaining space to the individual client’s needs.

Some clients need a toddler-friendly space: hello, stain-proof fabrics! Others want to forego a traditional dining room and have enough space for family gatherings in the kitchen.

Some of the best memories we make in our homes are the times we share with friends and family. Marlaina is available to help you design your dream kitchen and entertaining space – email us today to start designing your dream home!

white tile back splash with a bowl of green apples for a pop of color
blue and white living area with large windows and modern furniture plus glass table
large windows surrounding the room with blue and white interior design theme
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The kitchen is the heart of any home. Effective kitchen design requires a keen eye for visuals as well as functionality.

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